Name Card

Arijit Sen
Academic Group: 
Phone No.: 
91 33 2467 8300
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Academic Background: 
Princeton University (Ph.D)
Courses Taught: 
Microeconomics & Game Theory


Work Experience: 
Have been teaching bits and pieces of Applied Economic Theory to undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students in Economics and Business over a couple of decades


Journal Publications: 
"Homeownership, Community Interactions, and Segregation" [with Karla Hoff] in American Economic Review "Multidimensional Bargaining under Asymmetric Information" in International Economic Review "Seller Financing of Consumer Durables" in Journal of Economics and Management Strategy "Taxation by Auction: Fund-Raising by 19th Century Indian Guilds" [with Anand Swamy] in Journal of Development Economics "Termination Clauses in Long-Term Contracts" in Journal of Economics and Management Strategy "Symmetry in Bargaining & Efficient Contracts under Asymmetric Information" in Studies in Microeconomics
Books/Book Chapters: 
"The Kin System as a Poverty Trap?" [with Karla Hoff] in Poverty Traps (eds. Sam Bowles, Steven Durlauf, Karla Hoff) "A Simple Theory of the Extended Family System and Market Barriers to the Poor" [with Karla Hoff] in Social Economics of Poverty (ed. Chris Barrett)
Research Interests: 
Decision Theory & Game Theory applications in Industrial Organization, Development Economics, Public Economics, and Social Economics [I am sorry but I do not entertain internship requests.]