Notice Inviting Tender




Tender No: NIT/IIMC/Shamiana:Convocation-2017/55/2016-17 dated 02.01. 2017

Sealed quotations are invited from firms having good experience and credential in carrying out similar work for Convocation of an academic Institute like IIMs, IITs, University etc., for construction and associated work of aesthetically designed AC Shamiana. The quotation is required to be submitted in a sealed cover to the Senior Administrative Officer (Purchase) duly super-scribing “Tender for Construction of AC Shamiana for Convocation – 2017” on the top cover.

Last Date for submission of tender: 24.01.2017 at 2.00 p.m.

Date of Opening of tender: 24.01.2017 at 2.15 p.m.

The sealed quotation along with cost of the tender document of Rs.1,000/- and EMD of Rs.50,000/- in Demand Draft each in favour of ‘Indian Institute of Management Calcutta’, payable at Kolkata and other support documents as mentioned in the terms & conditions must reach the Office of the Senior Administrative Officer (Purchase), Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, D.H. Road, PO: Joka, PIN- 700104 on or before 2.00 p.m. on 24.01.2017. Tenderers should read the terms & conditions and the scope of work carefully and comply with the instructions strictly while submitting their tenders.


  1. Sufficient man-power should be available for proper erection of AC Shamiana. Technical manpower should also be provided to ensure safety of erected pandal etc. and proper electrical connections to be made so as to avoid any hazard due to the work entrusted with the contractor. All electrical joints must be properly insulated so as to avoid any short circuiting and fire. Firms/agencies having past experience of making arrangement for convocation / similar events shall be given preference.
  2. The contractor will be responsible for transportation of all materials related to his/her and no extra payment will be made by IIM Calcutta on this account.
  3. The contractor himself will be responsible for safety and security of his material and IIM Calcutta will not be responsible for any damage/theft of material of the contractor.
  4. For any emergency situation, the contractor will provide solution related to his/her work at no extra cost.
  5. All material to be used should be of very high quality. For the material to be used, which is not of good quality, appropriate deductions will be made from the bill. In case, it is found at some stage that the quality of goods supplied is inferior, the contract will be cancelled and the firm will be black-listed.
  6. The structures should be strong enough to withstand mild cyclone and rain.
  7. All structures materials are to be dismantled and fully removed within 7(seven) days after the programme and the ground to be cleaned up to the satisfaction of IIM Calcutta.
  8. Necessary cleaning, dressing and levelling of ground and approach roads to the pandal are to be carried out without extra cost.
  9. As the convocation is an important function of the Institute, timely completion of work and high quality material would be the deciding factor in award of work. A Committee in this regard may inspect material to be used before award of work.
  10. All works related to the convocation should be completed by 28th March, 2017 so that any modification /alteration can be made in time. Convocation is scheduled on 1st April, 2017.
  11. Before quoting the rates, the firm shall be advised to inspect the site and working conditions thereof.
  12. The successful bidder shall be responsible for full execution of the contract and shall not in any case assign or sub-let ordered items or part thereof to any other party. Failure to do so will attract cancellation of the order.
  13. All works related to this tender should be completed to entire satisfaction of the IIM Calcutta, failing which IIM Calcutta will have right to cancel the work order and no payment will be made in that case.
  14. Any defect found in the work carried out by the contractor will have to be rectified free-of-cost by the contractor.
  15. All precautionary/safety measures should be adopted by the firm in erecting hangers, tents, fixing lights etc. The Institute shall not be responsible for any mishappening and loss caused due to the firm’s negligence.
  16. The contractor shall take all necessary precautions to ensure safety and security of their workmen and shall be responsible for any injury that might occur to person/s and bear all cost towards treatment/compensation of them. The contractor shall have to comply with the provisions of all prevailing Labour Laws relating to the work assignment.
  17. The contractor shall take all necessary precautions to prevent any damage that may cause towards any Institute’s property during the course of execution of the contract and they will be liable to make good the same at their cost.
  18. Penalties: In the event of the contractor failing, declining, neglecting or delaying the supply or in the event of any damage occurring or being caused by the contractor, IIM Calcutta shall without prejudice to any other party remedy available to it under the law for the time being in force in the state of West Bengal.
    1. Terminate the work order at the risk and cost of the bidder whose quotation has been accepted and
    2. Recover the amount of loss caused by the damage, failure or default (including the consequential damage).
    3. Impose a penalty up to 10% of the total value of the order and confiscate the Earnest Money.
    4. The delay in the supply and imposition of penalty shall be subject to “Force Majeure” and “Arbitration” clauses of the contract.
  19. Cost of tender document: Rs.1,000/- (Rupees one thousand) only in the form of Demand Draft drawn in favour of ‘Indian Institute of Management Calcutta’, payable at Kolkata shall be enclosed with the quotation, otherwise tender will not be accepted.
  20. Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) of Rs.50,000/- (Rupees fifty thousand) only in the form of Demand Draft drawn in favour of ‘Indian Institute of Management Calcutta’, payable at Kolkata shall also be enclosed with the quotation/tender. EMD of the successful bidder will be kept as Security Deposit and will be returned without any interest within 30 working days after completion of the work. EMD of the unsuccessful bidders will be returned within 30 working days after issuance of the work order.
  21. The representatives of the firm should be available on telephone and also on mobile to enable this Institute to call them in emergency situation. Therefore, telephone as well as mobile number(s) need to be provided to IIM Calcutta.
  22. Each page of the tender is to be signed by the tenderer and duly stamped.
  23. All disputes arising out of this contract shall be referred to the sole arbitration of the Director, IIM Calcutta. The venue of arbitration shall be in Kolkata only.
  24. IIM Calcutta reserves the right to reject any or all tender(s) without assigning any reason. The decision of IIM Calcutta in this regard shall be final. No enquiries in this regard shall be entertained. Correspondence during tendering process may invite disqualification.
  25. The firm should be a registered firm with Trade & Taxes/Sales Tax/ Service Tax etc. and should possess PAN, TIN(VAT)/Sales tax and service tax as applicable, copies of which must be enclosed.
  26. All quoted rates will remain valid for a period of 30 days from the date of opening of price bid. Work should be completed within the specified date from the date of issue of the Letter of Intent /Work Order.
  27. Rates of all items should be inclusive of supply of material labour charges, hire charges of tools & tackles, scaffolding, plant & machinery any taxes and duties etc.
  28. The rates quoted by the bidder shall be inclusive of all taxes, duties, transportation charges and other statutory payments and will not subject to any fluctuation due to any increase in any effect.
  29. Income tax deduction will be made at source from all payment as per laid down rules of Ministry of Finance. The PAN number of the contractor should be clearly mentioned in the bills.
  30. This work contract may be given to the successful bidder for Convocation- 2018 with same terms and conditions subject to satisfactory service and performance of Convocation -2017 and requirement of the Institute in future.
  31. The detailed Scope of Work is enclosed in Annexure- I.
  32. Special discount/rebate admissible to Educational Institute like IIMs/IITs may be specifically indicated in the quotation.
  33. No conditional terms are acceptable from the bidder’s end.

Senior Administrative Officer (Purchase)

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