Policy on Equal Opportunities

Indian Institute of Management Calcutta

Statement of Policy on Equal Opportunities

Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIM Calcutta) is committed to a policy of equal opportunities with a view to ensuring that Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) have continuously expanding access to the entire range of academic and social activities that the campus offers. To this end, the institute will work over time to adjust the academic, administrative, and infrastructural configuration of campus life so that PwDs can strive to attain their potential. In keeping with this mission, IIM Calcutta will undertake a series of initiatives, including those that aim to,

  1. develop the administrative apparatus required to oversee and facilitate the policy on equal opportunities;
  2. create awareness in the community of students, staff, and faculty about the differences in the ways in which PwDs communicate and engage with the world;
  3. enhance quality of physical access to institute infrastructure and work towards a barrier-free environment for PwDs;
  4. and work with PwDs in ensuring access to tuition, equipment, counselling, placement facilitation, etc. when such access is needed.

IIM Calcutta will seek not only to abide by the applicable national legal stipulations— including the Persons with Disabilities Act, 1995, India— as they continuously evolve in tune with global conventions, but to go beyond the legal requirements in order to proactively provide a supportive environment for, and prevent discrimination against, PwDs. In pursuit of this goal, IIM Calcutta will work with governmental agencies as well as non-governmental and corporate organizations that can support the institute’s efforts. Efforts in this regard will be coordinated by the Equal Opportunity Cell at IIM Calcutta. The said Cell will also arrange for the assessment of needs for PwDs, communicate the same to the relevant officers and faculty, and coordinate the fulfilment of the identified needs.