International Immersion Programme for PGPEX

The PGPEX students are required to undertake an international immersion module as a part of the curriculum. This module provides an opportunity to the students to work in a group in a cross-cultural environment and learn how to address business issues.

Apart from academic sessions, at international business schools, our international immersion programme includes company visits and networking. No separate fees are payable by the students for this module. The Institute takes care of airfare, accommodation, visa and medical insurance charges. Expenses for food are also subsidized.

PGPEX students at Germany
International Immersion Program @ Germany

This year, 20 students from PGPEX visited Mannheim Business School, Germany for the 2-week International Immersion Program. Addressing the imperatives of globalization, the program helped students gain deep and holistic insights about European economies. Classroom lectures by esteemed professors and company visits helped students to understand how the ‘Mittelstand’ and ‘Hidden Champion’ companies are driving Germany’s eminence in Europe and the world. The professors also explained the nuances of ‘Brexit’ on the European Union and how such events impact the business dynamics. Classroom sessions were aptly complemented by visits to various companies. Visits to Hager, Kärcher and Kleemann and interaction with the firm leaders helped students uncover how Industry 4.0 is changing the German industry. During the industry visits, students not only learned about the culture, best practices and innovative problem-solving approaches but also presented insights on how their businesses can further reap benefits from Digitalization, Customer Centricity and Blue Ocean Strategy, which was greatly appreciated. The immersion program was very enriching learning experience, adding value to the global and cross-cultural quotient of our future business leaders.

PGPEX students at Scotland
International Immersion Program @ Scotland

The immersion program at Strathclyde Business School, UK is designed to provide participants an opportunity to understand business drivers in different economies, how various industries have evolved and the cultures in which these industries operate.

The program commenced with a workshop conducted by Prof. Ian Wooton of the Fraser of Allandar Institute on Brexit and the trade challenges that lie ahead for the UK in a post-Brexit world. During the two weeks at Strathclyde, students had the opportunity to interact with senior professors from Strathclyde and discuss areas such as Strategy, Fintech, Risk Management, Digital Marketing, Supply chain management, etc. Prof. Phil Taylor conducted an excellent session on the impact of automation on business services in a global delivery setup where we discussed various service delivery models and the probable effect of automation on jobs not only in India and UK but across the globe.

Visits to various businesses complemented the classroom sessions. Students had the opportunity to visit Scottish Power headquarters to learn about the IT transformation the organization is going through. The group was treated to a boardroom experience at the Royal Bank of Scotland headquarters in Edinburgh and discovered how the organization has evolved post the 2008 economic crisis. The icing on the cake was a visit to Will Grant & Sons – the home of “Glenfiddich” - to nose the various whiskeys and to see the bottling lines in operation.

PGPEX students at US
International Immersion Program @ U.S.

Twelve students from PGPEX visited Michael G Foster School of Business, University of Washington, Seattle, USA for a 2-week International Immersion Program on “US Business Strategy & Entrepreneurship”. The program was designed to facilitate to the participants the necessary insights and tools required to identify business opportunities, understand business drivers, develop effective business strategies and effectively lead large multicultural teams. The pedagogy included case-based and experiential learning followed by relevant and unique visits to Fortune 500 companies and exciting start-ups.

The visits to PACCAR – a Fortune 500 company that manufacturers the best quality heavy-duty trucks in the world, to Uphill Designs – an apparel start-up that has transitioned to a fashion firm, to Amazon’s state-of-art fulfilment center that uses advanced robotics and warehouse-management systems powered by high-tech data processing and to Boeing – the pioneering air-plane maker, were unforgettable experiences for the students and gave them unique perspectives on global business strategies across multiple industries and across a wide spectrum of companies.

The program broadened the students’ perspectives and augmented their business skills that were honed during the regular PGPEX program coursework at IIMC, thereby providing the students with a holistic learning experience necessary to straddle global business leadership positions in the future.