Aiming for global standard of excellence at IIM Calcutta: Prof Anju Seth

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The first woman director of the oldest IIM, Prof Anju Seth, speaking exclusively to ET’s Anubhuti Vishnoi, said that her decision to return to IIM Calcutta from Virginia Tech was driven as much by the desire to ‘give back’ to her alma mater and the country as by the enabling environment created by the IIM Act, which has brought in autonomy and a transparent, streamlined recruitment process. Edited excerpts:

What are your sentiments on heading your alma mater?

This is an exciting time for business education in India. I feel privileged to return to my alma mater and participate in the process of continuous improvement that’s under way at the institute. I truly enjoyed my experience as a student at IIM-C, and my visits as a US-based professor to give academic seminars and participate in conferences. I’m delighted to be back now in the position of director.

What made you decide to leave Virginia Tech and come to IIM Calcutta?

Many elements were at play which interacted to facilitate this major career move. One, I had this strong desire to “give back” to IIM-C and India from the perspective of contributing my academic and professional expertise. Two, the new IIM Act facilitated a streamlined recruitment process that proceeded clearly and speedily under the autonomy granted to the search-cum-selection committee. I must commend the government for bringing this about, and the energy and progress in addressing constraints ..

How do you intend to deal with an Indian campus after global experiences?

Besides my global experience, I have maintained contact with numerous Indian academic institutions over the years for whom I taught multiple courses in my areas of specialisation and visited them for professional seminars and conferences. As an academic, I am in close professional contact with colleagues around the world including in India. While will be much to learn, I’m very comfortable in the Indian campus environment. I look forward to leveraging my global experience at IIM-C and to engagin ..

What is your vision for IIM Calcutta?

IIM-C has numerous accomplishments in the domains of post-graduate, doctoral and executive education and in the research activities of our faculty. We will capitalise on our strengths to foster global standards of excellence in all these domains. Our educational business academic institutions have indeed produced captains of industry that contribute to corporate growth and thereby contribute to the economy, as well as world-renowned ..